Leonard's Reconstruction

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 Here is the link to Leonard on our local news!

Please check the home page periodically, we have added a couple of pictures after the initial post.
Y'all, we have a FRIEND in need.  His name is Leonard Sharp.  Ohhh, you may know him just as "Leonard" . . . .but he is a dear friend to all who know him.  He is a crusty, old, retired Army Lt. Col  but a pussy cat, really, especially to the animals.  Last weekend, Leonard's house burned.  If there is a "fortunate" to this story, Leonard and all his animals and foster animals were not harmed.  For that we are, eternally, grateful.
Attached are pictures of the fire.  It destroyed his kitchen and part of two living areas.  The rest of the home is smoke and water damaged.  The city inspector said the entire home will have to be repaired and brought up to code.  Unfortunately, Leonard had just cancelled a "full coverage" insurance policy less than a month ago, to a basic . . .  which means, not much coverage . . .  to save money. Therefore, Leonard will be bearing a large part of the expense to satisfy the city inspector.  Leonard is 83 years old.

 Since 2004, Leonard has traveled from Wisconsin to Maine to Florida in his own van, at his own expense. . . . .  driving animals to safety for Southern shelters who would have had no choice but to put the animals to sleep.  The number is in the thousands as his van will hold about 50 dogs each trip and Leonard, now,  has 300,000 miles on that old "dog" van.  But just mention a transport to "it" and "it " is up for the job because Leonard has replaced the transmission, wheel bearings, tires many times and made front end and back end repairs. . . . again, with little to no help from any of us. 

Leonard can be caught helping people, too.  He's been encouraging and mentoring a few troubled youths in his neighborhood; friending a mentally handicapped youth who has no Dad and when adults stop by asking for work . . . .he can always "find" a project they can complete, for which he gives them a good day's wage.

Now, Leonard needs us.  He is retired and has only his military pension which isn't much since he retired many years ago.  Since his wife passed away several years ago, it is only Leonard and the dogs . . . .but they need their home back.  They will not be allowed back in until the house is repaired AND brought up to code.

If you have been blessed by circumstances or by God and able to share your "wealth" . . . please think about giving a donation to help Leonard repair his, and the dogs', home.  The collection plate is passed every Sunday for just this purpose . . .except to whom your generous gift is going, you do not know.  This time, you do. . . . . he is "one of our own" and he needs our help. 

Check back every week to see how Leonard is progressing on his home to see how your donations are helping! Again thank you SO MUCH!

Signed  …. his rescue friends

This is how most of you know Leonard!
Leonard with his van that he travels all over with transporting dogs that need to get to safety! Thank YOU Leonard for devoting YOUR life to save dogs!!!!!